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Why the U.S. Census is Important

The US Census affects more than you know. It not only impacts federal and congressional representation, at the state and local levels, it directly impacts districts for city council, county commission and school board. It also directly impacts the federal funding apportioned to each state related to Medicaid, Federal Direct Student Loans, Head Start, Public Transportation, Hospitals, Special Education Grants, Subsidized Housing and so much more.

All ABQD9 member organizations are encouraged to use this page as a resource to educate, coordinate and empower all those within our reach to be counted this census. The support and assistance that so many within our communities rely upon hang in the balance. See at left for the 2020 Census Operational Plan and click below for the ABQD9 2020 Census Toolkit.

The 2020 ABQD9 Census Challenge

Is your org up to the challenge?

Be Counted

Click on the links and toolkit below for graphics in the colors of each ABQD9 organization and for collateral to assist in spreading the word. Then, at your next chapter meeting decide how your organization will leverage its potential to ensure our communities are counted.